Privacy Policy

With respect to personal information and items concerning privacy (hereinafter, “personal information”) which are acquired in the course of business, for clarification of the purpose of use and to ensure safe and proper management based on laws, relevant regulations and guidelines, SEIREN KST Corp. (hereinafter, “the Company”) strives to protect personal information based on the following policy:
Acquisition of personal information
In acquiring personal information, the Company shall provide the notification of and declare the purpose of its use in advance. In addition, the Company shall acquire personal information to an appropriate extent.
Use of personal information
The Company, unless required by law such as a statutory obligation, shall not use personal information for other than the specified purpose. However, personal information may be used as statistical data such as the number of customers, sales and methods of browsing websites, without identifying individuals.
Safety measures for personal information
The Company shall take reasonable measures to protect against risks concerning personal information (such as illegal access to personal information, and loss, destruction, or tampering of personal information) in order to secure the safety and accuracy of personal information.
Provision of personal information to a third party
The Company shall not provide personal information to any third party, without your consent and a justifiable reason such as a statutory obligation.
Management of personal information
The Company shall properly manage personal information according to the purpose of its use.
Education and training of employees on personal information
The Company shall conduct education and training to ensure its employees recognize the significance of and properly handle personal information.
Ongoing improvement of personal information-related actions
The Company shall constantly improve relevant actions to ensure the proper protection of personal information.

Contact concerning personal information

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