Corporate Philosophy

  1. SEIREN KST Corp. aims to contribute to society and its customers by supplying deposition process service
    for optical parts and materials as well as semiconductor materials based on semiconductor deposition
    processing technologies.
  2. SEIREN KST Corp. values its customers, shareholders and employees in all its business activities.
  3. SEIREN KST Corp. encourages the innovation of semiconductor deposition technologies and creates rich value.
  4. SEIREN KST Corp. contributes to the development of society as a good corporate citizen.

Compliance policy

The management and employees of SEIREN KST Corp. shall promote compliance
management in line with the spirit of all laws and
regulations, and with the following policies in providing deposition processing service.
  1. We fully understand and strictly follow various laws and regulations, societal norms,
    and internal rules, and based on social commonsense, conduct our business faithfully and appropriately.
  2. We strongly resist antisocial forces and do not yield to their pressures.
  3. We strive to achieve highly transparent management of the Company by running
    our operations appropriately and by disclosing, in a timely and proper manner,
    information except for confidential or classified information.
  4. By promoting activities conducive to the sound development of
    society through our businesses as a good corporate citizen,
    we serve as a good member of society such as providing jobs
    for the community and operational contribution.