Organizational Structure

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Organizational Overview

Corporate Planning Dept. The Corporate Planning Dept is in charge of planning company policies and priority strategies, creating profit plans, and managing progress.
Administration Dept. The Administration dept is engaged in operations related to human resources, general affairs, accounting, and finance.
Quality Assurance Dept. The Quality Assurance Dept is engaged in process management and quality assurance for quality maintenance.
WAFER Sales Dept. The WAFER Sales Dept is engaged in domestic and overseas sales of semiconductor-related businesses.
Development and Technical Dept. The Development and Technical Dept is engaged in process design, processing technology development, and customer development projects.
Product Dept. The Product Dept is engaged in film formation processing and SOI wafer manufacturing.
Operation Dept. The Operation Dept is engaged in business related to purchasing and logistics.
Next GenerationMaterials Dept. The Next Generation Materials Dept is responsible for domestic and overseas sales of SiC and other new materials related businesses.
Optical Product Dept. The Optical Product Dept is engaged in the design, development, and sales of Full-color laser modules used in smart glasses and HUDs.