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Prototype overview

Product Name : RGB Laser Module
Package Size : W 4.8 mm × D 11.0 mm × H 3.0 mm
Output Power : RGB total 2.46 mW (when D65 white light is emitted) Design value. Equivalent to 0.55 lm
Function : Built-in chromatic aberration lens Built-in monitor PD and NTC (optional)
Product Name : RGB Laser Scanner
Package Size : W 7.0 mm × D 18.77 mm × H 9.55 mm
Output Power : Same as Full Color Laser Module
Mirror Scanner :

Horizontal resonance frequency 27.5 kHz

Horizontal scan angle ±24°(optical)

Vertical frame rate 60 Hz

Vertical scan angle ±13°(optical)

Function : 720p(HD) 60fps

Option of Collimator lens

movie : Evaluation kit Demo

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